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Undisputed Quality in Door Hanger Printing

This image serves as a great example of door hanger printing we have done for a customer in Northport, NY.

We are the local printers of door hangers for public and trade clients all over Northport and Smithtown, as well as other areas such as Huntington, NY.

Their low cost and ease of implementation is why we fill orders for door hanger printing for more than just the hotel industry.

We have printed a large number of door hangers, such as this one, for customers in Smithtown, NY.We have all seen a door hanger at one time or another. The most likely scenario where you have seen a door hanger is during a stay at a hotel. Door hangers are often used as “do not disturb” signs that you hang on the outside door knob of your hotel room.

As it turns out, public individuals and businesses all over Long Island, NY towns like Northport, Smithtown, and Huntington have discovered that door hangers can be a useful marketing tool beyond the hotel and hospitality industries. No doubt, the facts that they are low-cost and easy to implement are at the center of their increased usage.

At Church Street Printers, Inc., we routinely fill orders for door hangers from companies belonging to a host of different industries.

Common Cardstock Thicknesses & Why Glossy UV Coatings Are Popular

Reality companies from Huntington, NY frequently ask us to print door hangers for them.Door hangers are printed on cardstock and are able to take on various shapes and sizes. Commonly used cardstock thicknesses include 14 pt and 16 pt. Our prefered thickness to use at is 16 pt cardstock, as it provides the greatest combination of durability, print quality, and cost effectiveness.

There are also different coatings that are available. By far the most popular coating that is requested by our Northport, Smithtown, and Huntington customers is the glossy UV coating. This is a logical selection considering that the vast majority of the door hangers we print are destined to be placed on the front door of a home, and protection from potential hours of exposure to sunlight would be a useful attribute.

However, moving past cardstock selection and coatings, the distinguishing physical factor between door hangers and other printed materials on cardstock is the area that is reserved for them to be hung onto a door knob or door handle.

The Benefits of Door Hangers

In a similar fashion to direct mail marketing campaigns, door hangers bring your company, and the products or services it has to offer, directly to a targeted recipient. That said, the big difference between a door hanger and direct mail marketing is that mail marketing items can get lost in a pile of mail, while a door hanger cannot be missed because it must be physically removed from a door knob or handle.

Another benefit of using door hangers, which may actually coincide with them not having the potential to get mixed in direct marketing mailers, is that they have a relatively high response rate. A generally accepted response rate range is from 2% to 5%, whereas direct mailers will see a 1% response rate or less.

Call us for door hanger printing if you are an individual, real estate agency, lawn care company, or home repair contractor.

If you are an individual or business located within the communities of Northport, Smithtown, Huntington, or surrounding towns of Long Island, NY, call us at (631) 754-2100 to get your door hangers printed today! Our trade customers that rely on us for door hanger printing include real estate agencies, lawn care companies, home repair and maintenance contractors, and a host of others.