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Our Flyer & Leaflet Printing is Second to None

Our flyer and leaflet printing is done for customers in the greater Northport, NY region.

Our Northport, Smithtown, and Huntington, NY customers benefit from our ability to print flyers for both public and trade.

Printing leaflets and flyers is one of our most requested services, because of factors such as their ease of distribution.

This client from Smithtown designed his own leaflet.When it comes to printed marketing media, flyers have been the workhorse for getting the word out for as long as there have been printing presses! Also referred to as leaflets, flyers can be seen on college campuses, bus stops, telephone poles, and just about anywhere else one can imagine they can be posted.

Of course, the ease at which flyers can be distributed is an important factor to their popularity for use. However, their low cost for vast quantities and the improvements that have been made in printing methods have also kept leaflets and flyers in the forefront of printed marketing.

At Church Street Printers, Inc., one of our most requested services from our Long Island, NY public and trade customers in Northport, Smithtown, and Huntington is printing flyers and leaflets.

Information About Paper Stock Sizes & Thicknesses

Though it is possible to print flyers in various sizes, the overwhelming majority of flyers and leaflets are printed on 8.5” x 11” paper stock. Anything smaller than this size is generally 8.5” x 11” stock that has been cut down to size.

Just like with card stock, paper stock can come in a selection of thicknesses. At Church Street Printers, Inc., though we have various paper thicknesses available for our customers, we prefer to use 80# text paper stock. The reason for this is that it provides the best balance of rigidity and ink perfomance, which includes contrast, color, and saturation.

Why Use Flyers or Leaflets Over Other Printed Materials

One of our newest customers from Huntington, NY had us print these two different designs for his flyers.As with any type of printed material, leaflets or flyers have attributes that give them an advantage, when it comes to their use. One advantage that is sometimes overlooked is that, being made of paper rather than card stock like postcards, they can be easily folded by their recipient to a size that is convenient for them to carry.

Additional advantages that flyers and leaflets have over other printed marketing materials is that they can very easily be posted on most surfaces with simple and cheap adhesive products, and they can be either handed out or mailed to recipients.

However, probably their greatest advantage concerns the capability of having larger imagery and more informational content than most other commonly printed marketing media. Not to mention a standard sized leaflet of 8.5” x 11” is cheaper than a postcard of equal size.

Call us for available options on your trade or public flyer or leaflet printing.

Printing flyers and leaflets is a highly requested service from our trade and public customers all across areas like Northport, Smithtown, Huntington, and other towns on Long Island, NY.

Give us a call at (631) 754-2100 to find out about the print options we have available for your order of flyers or leaflets.