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Postcard Printing at Its Best

One of our most requested services is printing postcards for customers in the Northport, NY region.

Customers in Northport, Smithtown, and surrounding towns like Huntington, NY can get top-notched postcards printed by Church Street Printers, Inc.

Advances in digital printing, unique paper stocks, and attractive finishes have led business owners and individuals to rediscover the usefulness of postcards.

This postcard is a design we have made large printing runs on for a customer in Smithtown, NYIn recent years, postcards have seen a resurgence in use. This has, in large part, been due to the fact that unique paper stocks, attractive finishes, and even advances that have taken place in digital printing, have made postcards more interesting and attractive then they ever have been before.

And with that, whether they are a business owner or an individual looking to promote a special event, our customers all over the Long Island, NY communities of Northport, Smithtown, Huntington, and beyond are rediscovering the usefulness of postcards.

What Makes Postcards Attractive for Direct Marketing

With so many other printed marketing products that are available to use, such as business cards, just what is it that makes postcards so attractive? How about…

  1. Postcards are versatile because they can be produced as marketing items to be handed out, or as postal pieces to be mailed out.
  2. When it comes to mailing postcards, they can be mailed in bulk to as many people as your budget will allow, or you can mail postcards individually to a select few people.
  3. With the bombardment of digital media the average person is faced with from their mobile devices, the novelty of a more tactile experience can lead to a greater response rate.
  4. The cost effectiveness of postcards cannot be denied, especially when considering the prices that can offer!

Different Options for Stock Types

There is a wide variety of stock types that can be used to print postcards. 14 pt card stock is one type that is available and, itself, comes in a few different options.

For example, not only is there the standard 14 pt card stock, there is also options like 14 pt Natural, 14 pt Pearl Metallic, and 14 pt Uncoated stock.

If 14 pt card stock isn’t quite what you are looking for, how about choices like 18 pt, 100lb Gloss Cover, or even linen. Then, there is always are favorite go-to card stock, which is 16 pt.

Tips For Pulling the Most Potential Out of Your Postcards

If you are looking to have postcards printed for your marketing efforts, there are a few tips we can give you to keep in mind, in order to pull the most potential out of their use. For example…

  1. Postcards shouldn’t be used to close a sale. Rather, they should be used to gain leads.
  2. Though postcards allow for greater space to place useful information, it can’t be stress enough that the message must be concise and to the point. Don’t offer too much to read or to have to figure out.
  3. Obviously, you want your postcard to catch attention. Always, use the highest quality photos or imagery you can.
  4. Remember that you have 2 sides to the postcard. Use one side as a billboard to attract your prospect and the other side to carry your value proposition. This is particularly effective if your postcard will be used as a mailer.

Call us for your individual or trade postcard printing!

Our travel agency client in Huntington, NY had us print 5,000 of these postcards.Postcards area cost effective and efficient means of getting as much information out as you can, using a tangible medium that is also durable. And, their versatility allows you to use them as handouts or as mailers!

With so much emphasis being placed on digital means of marketing, be one of the individuals or trades that rediscovers the value that postcards can bring to your marketing.

Call Church Street Printers, Inc. at (631) 754-2100 to have us print your quality postcards. We proudly serve customers in towns such as Northport, Smithtown, Huntington, and other surrounding towns of Long Island, NY.